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H6 Adventure — Defeat the Demon King![edit]
  • Details
  • Search
"A" rank
  • 1,200 or more KOs
  • 15 minutes or less
  • 10,000 or less damage taken
"A" rank victory
Battle victory
Access Bomb the left rock formation, 1 space down, 3 left from centerTreasure
Heart Container (Link)
  • Capture West Rockface Keep
Heart Piece (Link)
  • Capture the Abandoned Fort
Gold Skulltula
  • KO 1000 enemies. Found on a ledge north of East Field Keep. Requires Hookshot.
Gold Skulltula
  • KO 1200 enemies and complete the first mission without losing more than 4 hearts of damage. Found in same location as above.
StageGanon's Tower
Special Rule
  • Defend allied keeps and defeat enemy forces.
  • Defeat the enemy commander.
  • Make sure Link is using a Light weapon. Epona is also a great choice since she can traverse the stage quickly and is very agile, which is great for the Bombchus.
  • The Bombchus shouldn't pose a threat. Defeat the southern one first, followed by the one in the middle, and lastly the one in the north.
  • Once the Bombchus are gone, take over some Keeps and grab the Fairy of Darkness from the Fairy Fountain in the southeast. Use it in the North Field Keep and capture it to find the Boss Key.
  • Ganon will appear once you defeat Cia. To make Ganon's weak point gauge appear, you'll have to counter four attacks. When his right hand glows orange, throw bombs at it. When a blue eye appears on his left hand, fire an arrow at it. When he jumps in the air, his tail will glow purple; use the Hookshot on it. Finally, when he fires seeds at you from his shoulders, use the Boomerang. Once all of this has been done, a purple glow appears on his head. Hit it with an arrow, and the weak point gauge will finally appear.