Welcome to our Hyrule Warriors Walkthrough for the Nintendo Wii U. This will be a comprehensive guide of the entire main quest, with additional guides covering the side-quests and collectibles. This walkthrough will include a detailed text guide, along with a wealth of screenshots and videos to help guide you along your way.

With the Japanese and European versions now available, we have begun working on our walkthrough. In addition to the main guide below, we have guides for the Gold Skulltulas and the Heart Pieces.

 ~ Legend Mode ~ 


Hyrule Field
 Chapter 1: Hyrule Field
  • Traverse across Hyrule Field.
  • Acquire the Bombs.
  • Meet the Great Fairy.
  • Battle with the stage boss, King Dodongo.
Eldin Caves
 Chapter 2: Eldin Caves
  • Traverse across lava filled volcano.
  • Acquire a special crystal key.
  • Battle with the stage boss, Wizzrobe.
Faron Woods
 Chapter 3: Faron Woods
  • Traverse across forest filled area.
  • Acquire the Bow and Arrow.
  • Battle with the stage boss, Gohma.
Valley of Seers
 Chapter 4: Valley of Seers
  • Battle with the stage boss, Manhandla.
Death Mountain
 Chapter 5: Death Mountain
  • Battle with the stage boss, Darunia.
Lake Hylia
 Chapter 6: Lake Hylia
  • Battle with the stage boss, Dark Zelda.
Twilight Field
 Chapter 7: Twilight Field
  • .
Palace of Twilight
 Chapter 8: Palace of Twilight
  • .
 Chapter 9: Skyloft
  • .
Sealed Grounds
 Chapter 10: Sealed Grounds
  • .
Temple of the Sacred Sword
  • .
Temple of Souls
 Chapter 12: Temple of Souls
  • .
Valley of Seers
 Chapter 13: Valley of Seers
  • .
Gerudo Valley
 Chapter 14: Gerudo Valley
  • .
Valley of Seers
 Chapter 15: Valley of Seers
  • .
Hyrule Field
 Chapter 16: Hyrule Field
  • .
Gerudo Valley
 Chapter 17: Gerudo Valley
  • .

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