Update #2: Work is complete on Zelda Cinematica, and Samos Studios has begun distributing the album to Kickstarter backers. The album will release to the public on September 25th.

Update #1: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Sam Dillon of Samos Studios has announced that Zelda Cinematica has been delayed. Dillon hopes to finish editing audio within the week, but no specific release date has been set.

Many different musical groups and artists have covered the music of The Legend of Zelda over the years. The series has a catalog of iconic and diverse music, which lends itself to a variety of interpretations and vastly different arrangements. And joining the diverse family of Zelda fan music, a new album dedicated to The Legend of Zelda is set to release tomorrow.

Samos Studios’ Zelda Cinematica is new fan album that celebrates the epic scores of the entire Zelda series. The studio recently released a trailer to showcase the sound and scope of the project and to demonstrate its top-notch production. With a full orchestral sound and the iconic Master Sword dominating the video, one can’t help but get excited for the new release.

As explained on Samos Studios’ websiteZelda Cinematica is an “epic re-telling of the music set as a film score to the Zelda movie of our imagination.” From the excerpts that I have listened to, some of tracks seem to be aiming for the booming cinematic sounds that film composers like Howards Shore (The Lord of the Rings) and Hans Zimmer (The Lion King, Inception) are so well known for.

The album will be coming out on September 18th and will be available digitally and on special edition CD. For a small taste of Zelda Cinematica, you check out this arrangement of various Zelda overworld themes right here. And if you want another sample of Samos Studios’ work, check out this epic medley on OverClocked Remix.

Source: Samos Studios

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