The Legend of Zelda (TV Series)

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Box Artwork of the Complete Animated Series DVD

The Legend of Zelda is an animated TV series that was loosely based around characters and enemies from The Legend of Zelda and The Adventure of Link. The show first aired on September 8th, 1989 and ran weekly for 13 episodes as part of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, concluding on December 1st, 1989. The show was aired on Fridays and was produced by DIC Entertainment and distributed by Viacom Enterprises.

The story follows Link and Zelda in their attempts to protect the Triforce of Wisdom from Ganon. In the show, Ganon is described as being an evil wizard, and lives in what is referred to as "the Underworld". He possesses the Triforce of Power, and has an army of underlings.

List of Episodes

Episode No. Title Airdate Production #
1 The Ringer September 8th, 1989 101
2 Cold Spells September 15th, 1989 103
3 The White Knight September 22nd, 1989 102
4 Kiss'n Tell September 29th, 1989 104
5 Sing for the Unicorn October 6th, 1989 105
6 That Sinking Feeling October 13th, 1989 106
7 Doppelganger October 20th, 1989 107
8 Underworld Connections October 27th, 1989 108
9 Stinging a Stinger November 3rd, 1989 109
10 A Hitch in the Works November 10th, 1989 111
11 Fairies in the Spring November 17th, 1989 112
12 The Missing Link November 24th, 1989 113
13 The Moblins Are Revolting December 1st, 1989 110


YouTube playlist of the whole series

Alternate YouTube playlist of the whole series


  • Due to the series being made before the third piece was confirmed, only the Triforce of Wisdom and Power are present.

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