Superb Fish Dish

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Superb Fish Dish


Quests → Cooking-3




Complete a mission in Chapter 2


Earn Recipe for Chilly Fish Skewer

Superb Fish Dish is a quest found in Age of Calamity.


The Cooking Pot with the quest is found at Lurelin Village. This quest is unlocked after completing a mission in Chapter 2.

"A villager insists she's perfected the ultimate fish dish. When eaten, it will let you endure even the hottest temperatures. She'lll teach you how to make it if you bring her the ingredients."

— Quest text

"The villager skewered and grilled what you brought her. Simply enough! She was right to call her recipe something special-the dish cools the body! Make it anytime you need to beat the heat."

— Quest Complete text

Materials Needed