Silver Horriblin

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"The mightiest of the cave masters. The purple markings on their bodies are due to the overwhelming magic power of the Demon King. Their tough bodies and horns have been strengthened beyond the levels seen in their lesser relatives, making these monsters more dangerous than others of their ilk."

— In-Game Description

Silver Horriblin is a type of enemy in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

After Link has either levelled up or progressed enough in the main quest, Silver Horriblins begin to appear in Caves across Hyrule, and in some locations in the Depths alongside other weaker variants of Horriblin. These are the strongest and most resilient variant of Horriblin, and are often found wielding weapons made of two stronger spears fused together, allowing for strong attacks on Link from considerable reach. Upon death, they drop Horriblin Claws and the valuable Silver Horriblin Horn and Horriblin Guts.

Like other Horriblins, headshotting Silver Horribilins while they are on the ceiling will cause them to fall and land on their rear ends, which they will clutch and yipe in pain for a short time, providing the perfect opportunity to deal continuous damage to them. Holding down a charge attack with a two-handed weapon and spinning into them is an effective way to defeat them before they can resume any further attack. They will also drown instantly if they fall into water or lava.