Royal Guard's Bow

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Royal Guard's Bow



Base Power


Base Durability


Best Possible Bonus

+20 attack power


"This prototype Sheikah-made bow was designed to fight the Great Calamity. Made with ancient technology, it boasts a high rate of fire and firepower but has low durability."

Breath of the Wild In-Game Description

The Royal Guard's Bow is a bow found in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The Royal Guard's Bow has a base power of 50, and can be found within Hyrule Castle. If found with an Attack Up bonus, the maximum damage this bow can deal is 70. If found with a Durability Up + bonus, it can have a maximum durability of 50. In appearance, it looks similar to the Royal Bow, but with a darker color scheme, consisting of deep purples and blacks.