Ritaag Zumo

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Ritaag Zumo
Ritaag Zumo Model





Ritaag Zumo's Blessing



Ritaag Zumo is a character found in Breath of the Wild. He is a Sheikah Monk who serves the Goddess Hylia by guarding the Ritaag Zumo Shrine.

Breath of the Wild

After Link successfully completes the Ritaag Zumo Shrine, Ritaag Zumo gives him a Spirit Orb.

Like the other Sheikah Monks, Ritaag Zumo has six rings with three of them on each hand. He sits down cross-legged with a hand on each of his knees. Ritaag Zumo shares the identical pose and attire as Qukah Nata and Maag No'rah. While Ritaag Zumo has a different attire, his pose is identical to that of Korgu Chideh, Tawa Jinn, Korsh O'hu, and Suma Sahma.