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This is a text version of Molblin's Magic Spear, a children's story book based on The Legend of Zelda.

Page-corner.png Molblin's Magic Spear
Once upon a time, the world was a place of magic and monsters. The land of Hyrule was ruled by Princess Zelda, who used the magic of her Triforce triangles to help her people.
One terrible day, the evil Ganon attacked the land of Hyrule and tried to force Zelda to give him the Triforce. But Zelda fooled him and gave the Triforce triangles to her trusted nursemaid, Impa. Who escaped with them.

After being trapped by Ganon's henchman, Impa was saved by the brave little warrior Link. She told him the legend of Zelda and the Triforce and asked him to rescue the princess, who had been imprisoned on Death Mountain by Ganon.
Since he was brave and true, Link promised to save Zelda.
This is one of Link's amazing adventures as he traveled across the land of Hyrule on his way to save Princess Zelda.

For a long, long time Link journeyed through Hyrule. He battled many strange monsters and bought many magic objects to help him in his quest.
As he crossed a small lake on a tiny wooden raft, Link counted the objects he carried. "I have my Sword, a bag of rubies," he thought, "and one small bottle of fresh water. I think I'll need more magic in order to rescue the princess."

Link tied up his raft and was ready to hike through the thick, dark, and dangerous woods. All of a sudden he had an odd sensation.
"It feel like someone is watching me." he thought.

Very quickly Link crept around the rocks. There, still staring at the spot where Link had been, was a strange creature who looked like little old man.
Link tiptoed closer without making a sound.

But just as Link was about to confront the spying little man, the ground opened up beneath him!
"Yeow," cried Link. He dropped into the earth as he heard the little creature laugh out loud.

Luckily for Link, he didn't fall far. He found himself in a strange cave filled with everything from junk to treasure.
The odd creature came down a secret staircase. He greeted Link by saying, "Welcome to my store, customer!"

At first Link was very angry at having been tricked by the funny little man. But the creature soon explained why he had done it. "I am a humble merchant," he said, "and my trap is the only way i can get customers into my out-of-the-way shop."
Link thought the little man was funny and began to look around the strange shop. He soon selected a round black bomb and a beautiful shield to buy with his rubies.

"Your shield is magic," explained the merchant after exchanging it for Link's rubies. "I'll tell you its secret for a drink of your fresh water. You see, my lake is polluted."
Although it was the last of his water, Link felt sorry for the little merchant and let him drink. Then the merchant said, "For this swallow of water, I'll tell you this; Your shield will swallow a hit to a miss!"

Link said good-bye to the strange merchant, trying to figure out the meaning of his weird rhyme.
Many days later, Link was entering a small stony canyon when suddenly a huge creature jumped out from behind a rock.
"Stop!" roared the creature. "No one can walk through Molblin's land!"

"Molblin," thought Link as the creature's spear hit solid rock just above Link's head. "I've heard of him. He's one of Ganon's followers!"

Far, far away, in terrible Death Mountain. Ganon himself was watching Link through his crystal ball.
"So," he growled, "that nuisance Link is still coming closer. No matter... Molblin will destroy him with his magic spear."
The captive Zelda watched too, afraid for the brave warrior Link.

"It's amazing," Link thought as he dodged Molblin's spear. "The spear vanishes and another spear appears magically in his hand every time he throws one! He'll never run out!"

Just then, as another spear appeared in Molblin;s hand, the creature walked right into a tree!
"Aha," thought Link. "That must be why Ganon gave Molblin a magic spear... the creature has poor eyesight. He'd never be able to find a normal spear once he threw it. That gives me an idea!"

Hiding behind some rocks, Link worked quickly. "If i can make a dummy from these leaves, sticks, and my bomb, maybe I can fool Molblin into grabbing it instead of me!"
Nearby, Link could hear Molblin getting closer. "I'll get you and swallow you up!" he snarled.

Hearing Molblin talk about swallowing him up made Link remember the merchant's funny rhyme. Suddenly he realized its secret meaning. His new shield was magic and Molblin had been missing him on purpose!
Jumping up onto a big rock, Link let the next spear hit his shield. There was a blinding flash of light and a crack of thunder!

"I was right," Link said, laughing as he jumped down off the rock and ran past his dummy. "My magic shield swallowed Molblin's spear. A new spear did not appear in his hand, He'll have to find me on his own now!"

Running as fast as he could, Link hid behind some rocks. Molblin chased after him, roaring angrily. As soon as Molblin's weak eyes spied Link's dummy, he thought he'd captured the brave little warrior.
"Now I have you," he roared as he grabbed the dummy's head. "But wait! This is no head! This is a bomb!" he cried.

KA-BOOM! There was a terrific explosion, and Molblin was blown sky high. Since the big creature no longer blocked his path, Link raced safely through the canyon.
It would be three days before Molblin found his way back. By then, Link would be far, far away.

Sometime later, all of Death Mountain shook with Ganon's angry roar. "How can a little creep like Link keep coming? It's most annoying. Nut no matter, there are many more dangers in front of him. Someone or something will destroy Link long before he reaches the underground labyrinths."
Zelda had seen Link's bravery and cunning. She knew that someday soon Link would come to her rescue... the future of her land depended on it!