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Jambo is a character found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

He can be seen at Mubs' armor shop where is he eyeing the Hylian Set.[1] He doesn't have the rupees on hand, but at its current price, he thinks he can afford it if he sells all of his ore.[2]

After an artifact falls from the Sky into Lookout Landing, Jambo can be found in front of it. He hopes to sell it for his wardrobe fund so he can purchase all the outfits he desires.


  1. "Gah... It's so great. This Hylian armor series has caught your eye too? The design is so cool, and it fits like a glove! It's popular with travelers too, which means it's a must for adventuring." — Jambo, Tears of the Kingdom
  2. "At that price, I can afford it if I sell off my ore..." — Jambo, Tears of the Kingdom