Giant Buzz Blob

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Giant Buzz Blob


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The Giant Buzz Blob is a mini-boss in the DX version of Link's Awakening. As a larger version of a Buzz Blob, it is one of the two mini-bosses in the Color Dungeon, the other being Stone Hinox.


When Link enters the room, the Giant Buzz Blob tells him that it is not a weakling, confident that it can defeat Link because it knows his sword will not harm him.[1] It attacks by wandering around the room and trying to hit Link with its body, or it can shoot lightning at him. In order to kill it, Link can sprinkle Magic Powder on the Buzz Blob, which causes it to shrink into a Zol-like slime form that can be harmed by sword attacks. In this form, it will jump around and try to land on him. Link must strike at it while in this form, and then repeat this process until the Giant Buzz Blob is defeated, which happens upon six hits with the normal sword. In the next room, Link will find the Nightmare Key.