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Rensa (Father)
Shibo (Twin Brother)
Tasseren (Uncle)

Darton is a character from Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Darton can be found at the Dueling Peaks Stable alongside his twin younger brother, Shibo. They do everything together and during the daytime, they are found just outside the stable, right by the horses. Link can speak with Darton or Shibo and they will both respond to him. They can see it in Link's eyes that he loves horses and they offer to give Link some tips on horses.[1][2][3][4][5][6] Darton will joke that Link does not have a twin, in reference to the fact that there are multiple sets of twins found at the Dueling Peaks Stable.[7]

Darton and Shibo will both provide some tips to Link on how he can catch a horse.[8][9] The duo will also teach Link about the difference between spotted horses and one-colored horses. With spotted horses being even-tempered and easy to train, while the one-colored horses are wilder, but have much higher stats. Shibo recommends that beginners should start with spotted horses.[10][11][12][13] The brothers will also teach Link how to train a horse and when the appropriate time to soothe them is.[14][15][16]

Unlike some of the other residents of the Dueling Peaks Stable, Darton and his brother are not affected by the rain. Even while it is raining, the twins will stay outside, interacting with the horses. They will remain outside all day long, only coming in at 8pm when they are both sleepy.[17][18] They will sleep at the Stable until 6am, where they both awake at the same time. While asleep, Darton will dream about one-colored horses.[19] Once he awakes, Darton will try to race Shibo to where the horses are.[20]

Strangely, there is no animation for either Shibo or Darton to get into bed. They will simply walk over and stand right next to the bed. They will just wait there and if Link keeps them in view, or never leaves the stable, the two will just stand there. Once Link walks away and then looks back, Shibo will be asleep. When they awake however, there is an animation to get out of bed. Additionally, sometimes Beedle on rainy days will walk in the Stable, blocking the entrance. On these days, Shibo and Darton might be unable to enter the stable and will simply walk around for hours on end until they can get in or Beedles moves.

Tears of the Kingdom

Darton and his twin brother Shibo can be found walking around at the Dueling Peaks Stable. While Darton is drawing some footprints in the ground, Shibo welcomes Link to the stable.[21][22][23][24][25] The two brothers traveled to Faron at some point and saw some strange footprints, but noboody believes them.[26]

Link comments to the brothers that the footprints are real and they belong to Dondon.[27][28] The two brothers are so happy to hear the truth and thank Link for providing this information to them.[29] Darton wants to draw a picture of the Dondon, remembering its really long tusks and its tail.[30][31][32] Just as they finish, Shibo comments that he wants to show it to his father.[33] The brother then give Link the picture, along with a reward of a Swift Carrot[34][35][36] They mentioned that they saved up rupees and bought the Swift Carrot from Kakariko Village.[37] The brothers feed the carrots to the horses when trying to tame them.

At 5pm each evening, Shibo and Darton will head inside the stable.[38][39] The two are still talking about the Dondon's, and in particular their appearance and the footprints that were washed away by the rain.[40][41][42][43] The two brothers will head to sleep each evening at 9pm. The two brothers will head to sleep each evening at 9pm.[44]



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  4. That's right! Just look at his eyes! Right now in his head, it's all horses, horses, horses, food, and horses...right? - Shibo
  5. In that case, you should feel free to ask us anything at all about horses! - Darton
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