Captain Construct IV

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Captain Construct IV
Captain Construct IV - TotK Compendium.png




All over Hyrule after Link has levelled up to a certain amount or progressed enough in the main quest

Upgrade from



1200 HP


Captain Construct IV are enemies that appear in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

"An elite Soldier Construct, hence its "captain" title. Made by the Zonai with advanced techniques and magic. Stands above all of its peers, as signified by its golden body. In endurance and sheer combat ability, it exceeds all other Captain Constructs, making it the mightiest of all."

— In-Game Description

Captain Construct IV are the strongest variant of the Captain Construct in the game, and are the most difficult to fight of all Construct enemies. They have a single eye, are able to Fuse to make their weapons deal more damage, and perform very powerful charge and pile-driving attacks.

When defeated, it will drop a Captain Construct IV Horn and Zonai Charge, with a chance to also drop a Large Zonai Charge.

These enemies are non-existant at the beginning of the game, but once Link levels up enough and progresses the main quest to a certain place, Captain Construct IV will begin to appear anywhere there is normally groups of Soldier Construct, either replacing the original Captain Construct completely or fighting alongside it. It will also often appear in league with a similarly strong Soldier Construct IV.