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"Surely there's more than just 2 of them, right?"

Be careful about prescribing where stuff is in BotW if there are stronger & weaker versions - World Level is a thing, enemies level up as you progress though the game, as do weapons found in chests. Someone just starting out, or who has done all the Divine Beasts/etc and maxed it out, might find different levels of stuff to what you currently have in your game. - Sanityormadness (talk) 10:16, August 14, 2021 (UTC)

I understand. I just want it to be easier for everyone to find these wizzrobes in case they need their magic rods. As for the world level thing, while I am aware of the Lynels leveling up & the overworld enemies turning silver, I honestly didn't think the wizzrobes actually level up, & I thought that they appear as fixed varients. I guess it's like what they say, we all keep discovering new things about BOTW. BoygeyPumpkineer (talk) 22:14, August 14, 2021 (UTC)

Re: Koroks

I wonder why these Koroks don't have their own articles.

9+ times out of 10, the answer to "why doesn't [character X] who appears in [official Zelda game] have their own page" is "no-one's got round to it." (Those Koroks aren't linked on Korok either, BTW.) Feel free to add them :) - Sanityormadness (talk) 21:50, August 26, 2021 (UTC)



East Necluda spills WELL out of Necluda-proper. It's partly in Lanayru, and also partly in Faron.

(No, I don't know why they did it like that...) - Sanityormadness (talk) 22:57, September 23, 2021 (UTC)