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More categories for item infobox

I think BotW items would benefit from having a few more categories in the item infobox, but it should probably be discussed before implementing.

Indicates what effect an ingredient has when used in food or an elixir, e.g. "Cold Resistance," "Defense Up," or "Fireproof." I 'think' the game shows official names for these effects either when you are under the effect or when you select a dish that confers the effect. If there's going to be a separate page for every item, I really think this is something that should be in the infobox.
It would be a useful category for other items, too, like the Barbarian Armor (attack up), Zora Armor (swim up waterfalls), or Thunderblade (electrocution), but that could be a bit much. That would also have some overlap with the way the Use parameter is currently used.
Potentially the attribute could be Cooking Effect and it would be limited to materials. I think it should still show as "Effect" when rendered on the page, though.
How much time an item contributes to the duration of an effect when used in cooking. I have done some preliminary work on the mechanics of elixirs, and I found that each component contributes a set amount to the duration of an elixir. For example, each Moblin Fang used in an elixir adds 1:50 to the elixir's duration and each Lizalfos Tail adds 3:10. All of the information I have collected so far is in this spreadsheet. I don't know the entirety of the specifics on this, though. I haven't done any examination of food recipes (I've only tried elixirs), and it's possible that ingredients like Goron Spice or Monster Extract do something like multiply the duration rather than adding to it. It might be appropriate to name the effect Cooking Duration rather than a generic Duration.
Set Bonus
A concise listing of the bonus a set of armor provides. For the items in the Radiant set, this box would list Disguise and Bone Attack Up. The set bonus section of the article could then elaborate on the significance of those bonuses or how they are useful.

Let me know what you think. Chris3145 (talk) 19:42, March 31, 2017 (UTC)

I think "Use" can cover effect and duration (e.g. "+1:50 duration" or "Low-level Cold Resistance"). I'll add Set Bonus for now though. << Locke(T·C) >> 22:14, March 31, 2017 (UTC)