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I guess what I would like to ask is whether this page is dedicated to the Postman as a character, or the Postman as a title. For example, Koboli is one of the Postmen of the Rito from Wind Waker. He (though this may be just a coincidence) looks strikingly similar to the Postman which this article has talked about so far, and runs the Mail sorting mini-game in Dragon Roost Island. In addition, the Rito race in its entirety dedicates their lives to mail, such as meeting Quill for the first time, delivering mail on Outset Island.

(On another note, sorry about the mess saying the Postman in PH and ST was Rito. Obv the one in ST isn't Rito, that was completely my fault. I also swear in the letter that introduces the Postman in PH, he comes out and says he is Rito. I'll look around, I swear at least the manual says he is. It's also painfully obvious ... ANYWAY)

So, should this page be about Postmen in general, or the character who, so far, has only been known as Postman? Zenox 12:34, January 12, 2013 (CST)

I believe this page should be dedicated to the character. Koboli should have his own page and be recognized as the Postman of TWW respectively. Just because the two characters have a similar appearance, does not mean they're the same character (i.e. Anju and the Chicken Lady share the same model but are not the same person). As far as the Postman from PH claiming he is Rito, I think that he may of said he wanted to be Rito, hence the wings. Until you can come up with a verifiable reference proving he is Rito in PH, his race should remain Hylian. Atticus 13:27, January 12, 2013 (CST)