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Super Cucco Game





10 Rupees


Find the three Super Cuccos within 30 seconds


The Super Cucco Game is a mini-game in Ocarina of Time. The game is run by Talon in Lon Lon Ranch. The game can be played after Link wakes up Talon near Hyrule Castle. If Link enters the house and speaks to Talon, he can participate in the Super Cucco Game for 10 Rupees. Once the game starts, Talon releases his three Super Cuccos out in the room, and Link has 30 seconds to catch them.[1][2][3] If Link finds the three Super Cuccos among the other regular Cuccos, he will be rewarded with an Empty Bottle along with Lon Lon Milk filled in it.[4][5][6] If Link loses, he can play the game once again for a reduced price of 5 Rupees. The Super Cucco Game can be played at any time, and every time Link wins, Lon Lon Milk is filled in one of his Empty Bottles.


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