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<includeonly>{{#ifeq:{{{nocat}}}|true||[[Category:{{{1}}}|{{{2|{{PAGENAME}}}}}]]}}</includeonly><noinclude>==Purpose==This template is used for categorizing pages. ==Usage==To use this template, type: <b><nowiki>{{Cat|</nowiki></b><i> Category </i><b><nowiki>|</nowiki></b><i> Sorting Key </i> (Optional)<b><nowiki>}}</nowiki></b><br>Where ''Category'' is the name of the category you want to sort a page into, and ''Sorting Key'' is an optional parameter if you want to change how a page is sorted. If you leave ''Sorting Key'' blank, it'll automatically sort the page correctly into the category.[[Category:Formatting Templates|{{PAGENAMEDocumentation}}]]

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