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Link's Awakening Characters

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{{CD|file=Link LA.png|link=Link | desc=The star of the game, and of all the other [[The Legend of Zelda (Series) | Zelda]] games to date. Link was side tracked in a thunder storm when a bolt of lightning struck his raft. He got washed up on [[Koholint Island]], and everyone says he cannot leave until the [[Wind Fish]] awakens. [[Marin]] and [[Tarin]], residents of [[Mabe Village]], took him in when Marin found him washed up on the shores. Isn't it strange how awakening a fish is his only way out? Don't you wonder why he can't just sail away? That's for you to find out. }}
{{CD|file=Marin.png|link=Marin | desc=Marin found Link washed up on the beach one day. She seems to have romantic feelings for Link, but she never completely shows it. You will see her several times during the game, one time sitting with her on the beach, another time saving her in [[Tal Tal Heights]]. Marin teaches Link the [[Ballad of the Wind Fish]] on his [[Ocarina]]. It is known to have awakening powers, as the [[Owl]] says. }}
{{CD|file=No Image.png|link=Spirit of the Mansion|caption=Spirit of the Mansion|desc=The Spirit of the Mansion is a mysterious voice heard in the [[Seashell Mansion]]. It asks Link to collect [[Secret Seashell]] to banish the darkness. It grants him the [[Seashell Sword]] once he gathers 20 or more seashells.}}
{{CD|file=Photographer.png|link=Photographer|desc=Found only in the DX version, the Photographer is a mouse that takes pictures of Link. He will take a total of thirteen different screen shots, but only twelve of them can be obtained in one game file. When making the album, he will ask Link to stand at the stage. If Link say yes, Link will stand on the stage with a peace sign. If Link refuses several times, he will beat Link up and take a picture of him knocked out on the stage.}}

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