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Shay is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Shay is an older man who lives at the Lakeside Stable. He spends most his day standing outside of the stable and will talk to Link about the legends of a dragon God. Shay is referring to Farosh, the dragon who will occasionally dive into Lake Floria. When it is raining, Shay will run inside to take cover, thinking that the lightening is the sound of the angry ranting of the dragon god.[1]

Shay will ask Link if he has a map, berating him if he says that he doesn't have one.[2][3] Shay points to the Dueling Peaks to the north, saying that the mountain was once one, but a dragon God flew it, forging a path and creating the two peaks.[4]

Shay will never sleep, just standing out in front of the stable day and night. The only time he will move from his location is if it starts to storm.


  1. Thunder sure is scary, isn't it? Speaking of! Have you heard the story, buddy? Some day that rumbling sound is the angry ranting of a dragon god! But who knows if i that's even true. I've certainly never seen any proof! - Shay
  2. Hey, buddy! Got a map? - Shay
  3. HUH? What special brand of loony does it take to go traveling without a map?! - Shay
  4. So on this map of yours, do you see Dueling Peaks to the north of here? Well, apparently that used to be just one mountain a really long time ago. The legends say a dragon god split the mountain in half to forge a way through, and that's how it went from one to two. Recently, some are even saying they've seen the shadow of a large creature on the surface of Lake Floria! I wonder if any of that is true... - Shay