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Owner of Fashion Passion



Saula is a character in Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom.

Breath of the Wild

Saula works as the shop owner of the Fashion Passion, the Armor Shop found in Gerudo Town. The shop sells the Gerudo Clothes, which Link is required to have before even entering the town. Despite already having the clothes the shop sells, Saula tries to sell Link on buying another set as it is a different color.[1] She mentions to Link that different color clothing is the trend now for young women.[2] She mentions that all the way in Hateno Village, the Kochi Dye Shop is around where Link can dye clothes. Although it is quite far away and most Gerudo don't get to make it out there.[3]

Saula will offer to purchase items from Link and truly appreciates his business.[4][5]

As a member of the Gerudo Secret Club, Saula naturally knows the entry password. Yaido learned the password when she overheard Saula talking about it. Saula guards the front door, which is draped with curtains, and tells Link to use the side door if he is also a member.

She will also comments on the weather, where it is very hot during the daytime. She wants to stop by and get a cold drink from The Noble Canteen in town.[6]

Tears of the Kingdom

Saula can be found at the Kara Kara Bazaar. Link can purchase the Desert Voe Headband from her for 450 rupees. This piece is part of a larger set, but it will give Link some Heat Resistance, which is useful when crossing Gerudo Desert.


  1. Sav'aaq! Oooh, that Gerudo top looks really good on you... But you haven't really lived until you've got several colors to choose from! What do you say? - Saula
  2. It's the trend now to create a stylish wardrobe by arranging different colors. Why not buy one more Gerudo top? - Saula
  3. You don't know? Really?! Changing the color of your clothes is a really trendy thing to do right now for young vai traveling beyond town! There's a store in Hateno Village-the Kochi Dye Shop-where you can dye your clothes! Hateno Village is pretty far away, though. Not everyone gets to go there... - Saula
  4. Gladly! Which item? - Saula
  5. No problem at all-I'll buy as many as you like. I truly appreciate your business. - Saula
  6. It's really hot today, isn't it? Makes me want to get an ice-cold something from the canteen. - Saula