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Risa (Granddaughter)

Nellie is a character from Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Nellie is a Gerudo who can be found walking around within Gerudo Town. She stops at various locations throughout the evening and morning hours, commenting about the items that are available for sale.[1]

Nellie wakes up each day at 5pm each afternoon and heads straight to The Noble Canteen to get a drink. She gets a drink right getting up as it is the only thing that can really wake her up.[2][3]

At 11pm, Nellie will leave the canteen and head over to Lorns shop, where she looks at the fruit for sale. She comments that her mother once told her never to drink and have a Hearty Durian at the same time. She never really knew why, but she always followed the advice.[4][5]

After 5am, she will head over to the mushroom shop that is run by Ardin. She states that her mom would say that mushrooms are great for nursing headaches. She also loves some Fragrant Mushroom Sauté, which can be made by adding Goron Spice with mushrooms.[6]

After 10am, Nellie will say that it's going to start to get hot, so she is going to head to bed.[7] She lives in the building that is located directly behind the mushroom vendor.



  1. I think I'll look for something to drink and maybe some snacks... - Nellie
  2. The nighttime is really nice. I can't believe how much people move around in the heat of the afternoon. I guess I could get a drink to wake myself up... - Nellie
  3. Phew! This is really the only thing that can wake me up. - Nellie
  4. A Hylian vai, huh... Sav'otta... - Nellie
  5. My vaba often said to never eat a hearty durian while drinking... I don't really know why, but since she said it so much, there must be a good reason. - Nellie
  6. My mom often said that dishes with mushrooms were good for nursing serious headaches. So...when I'm feeling tired, I always make fragrant mushroom saute. I love that curry flavor! It's a simple dish that you can make if you have some Goron spice and mushrooms. - Nellie
  7. It's gonna get hot soon, so I think I'm going to head to bed - Nellie