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Nappin is a character found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Nappin can be found sleeping in a bed at the Emergency Shelter beneath Lookout Landing. He is recovering from the Gloom that hurt him after going near a Chasm. Despite a long time having passed, Nappin is still experiencing symptoms from the Gloom. He worked hard for Josha, but he no longer wants to go anywhere near the chasms.[1][2]

Nappin mentions eating a yellow plant, which he is referring to Sundelion. When cooked, these will create a Sunny meal, which restores any lost Heart Containers that are disabled by gloom exposure.



  1. "Nope, nope, nope. Not going near chasms anymore. Nasty gloom. It's everywhere. Making everyone sick. Making me sick! Glad I ate that yellow plant stuff from the gloom specialist. Any more gloom, and I'd be canoeing down ol' death river... Worked my tale off for Josha. Kid runs circles around Purah and Robbie. She loves research. Me? I'm sick to death of chasm research. Least I'm starting to feel better. But I think I'll like low and...keep lying here." — Nappin, Tears of the Kingdom
  2. "I did it all for Josha. But I can't go near chasms anymore." — Nappin, Tears of the Kingdom