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Dampa (son)

The Wind Waker

Missy is the elderly mother of Dampa, and lives a slow life on Windfall Island in The Wind Waker. During the day, she can be found down in the wooden underside of Windfall Island, and during the night, she can be found participating in Zunari's auction. She wonders about what happens outside of Windfall Island, and has shown great interest in the Rito race, often speaking of Dragon Roost Island and it's sky spirit.[1][2][3] She also expresses interest in traveling there, saying that she wishes she had a boat.[4][5]

Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland

She is an intelligent young girl who lives in Port Town, Missy gets lost in Lon Lon Meadow, and cannot find her way home because she has lost her glasses. Tingle will have to find her glasses for her, when he finds them he is rewarded by her father, the Jeweler, for rescuing her.



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