Lost Swamp

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Lost Swamp

The Lost Swamp is a dungeon in Cadence of Hyrule. The enemies in the Lost Swamp are Poison and plant-based, and pools of Poison can be found scattered across the dungeon floor.

Getting to the Lost Swamp

In order to find the Lost Swamp, the player needs to safely navigate the Lost Woods. To do so, the player needs to find Tingle on the second screen of the Lost Woods. Once he or she finds him, the player will have to do the Lost Woods Music Puzzle, in which he or she has to move on-beat to move the Boulder. After waking him, the player gets the Tingle Dowser, a device based on the Tingle Tuner, that will help navigate the Lost Woods. Outside, the player can move towards each path and activate the Tingle Dowser, which will beep louder and more frequently the closer he or she gets to the right path. After three more screens, the player will arrive at the Lost Swamp.