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Kosi is a character found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Kosi can be found sitting in the Emergency Shelter beneath Lookout Landing. He likes tinkering with objects to try and repair them. However, despite all his efforts, he hasn't been able to repair any of the weapons that have suffered from Decay due to the Gloom from the Upheaval.[1]

Kosi talks to Link about how when the Upheaval happened, suddenly all the weapons got decayed. He tells Link that he can help himself to the weapons in the area, including a Boko Reaper and a Traveler's Sword.[2] The Boko Reaper is a weapon that Kosi made by attaching a Bokoblin Horn to a Traveler's Sword.[3]

After Link has completed one part of the Regional Phenomena, Kosi will congratulate him on his good work. Kosi is trying to help out in his own way by fixing decayed weapons, but he's having no luck. He says the only thing you can do to improve the weapons is by attaching things to the ends of them.[4]



  1. "Oh, hey. Is that you, Link? I've been nose down, so I don't know what's happening around me half the time. This's pretty involved, so I'm going to keep sitting here while I wrench on this. You might've heard, but when the Upheaval happened, all of the weapons decayed. I've poured so much energy into trying to fix them, but it's been no use." — Kosi, Tears of the Kingdom
  2. "Yeah. Just before the Upheaval, gloom began pouring out of the ground. It clung to the weapons, pulsing, as if alive... We watched as the weapons rotted to pieces right before our eyes. It was all pretty wild, and I don't understand how it happened. At a time when Hyrule Castle can float, I've given up trying to make sense of most things. Oh, yeah. In case nobody has mentioned yet, you're welcome to the weapons over there. Though they probably won't be much use to you, since they're—you guested it—decayed." — Kosi, Tears of the Kingdom
  3. "When the Upheaval happened, all of the weapons decayed. I've been attaching various things to the tips of weapons." — Kosi, Tears of the Kingdom
  4. "Good work, Link! I heard you helped a village out of a crisis. I'm trying to repair the decayed weapons, in the hopes I can help out too. But try as I might, I come up short. It seems all you can do is use the weapons by attaching things to the ends of them." — Kosi, Tears of the Kingdom