Interview:Nintendo Power June 1998

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Nintendo Power June 1998


June 1998



Nintendo Power


Shigeru Miyamoto talks about the gameplay of Ocarina of Time.




Shigeru Miyamoto may be best known as the creator of Mario, but he's also the mind behind Nintendo's highly successful The Legend of Zelda (Series). Recently, Nintendo Power quizzed him about the game everyone considers to be the most anticipated title of the year.

Nintendo Power: We've heard that players will have to collect gems and find something called The Ocarina of Time. How do these items relate to the game's story?
Shigeru Miyamoto: There are three gems in the game called Spiritual Stones. Both the Spiritual Stones and the Ocarina are keys that open the door to a secret and sacred place. Three of the races in Hyrule consider their Spiritual Stone to be a holy item. The Ocarina is the royal family's most secret treasure. Gamers will have to collect all three stones and the Ocarina to reach the sacred place.
NP: We saw recent footage of Link in combat. Does the camera have its own AI during the battle or does the player control it?
SM: There is an automatic camera - something I call the Zelda Camera. When you hold the Z Button during battle, a red target will appear so you can pick your opponent. The view remains on the targeted enemy throughout the melee, even if you move around the room. It's both dynamic and realistic.
NP: Everything we've seen so far looks expansive. Just how big is the game? How many dungeons, towns, and special areas are in the game?
SM: As you have seen in the game's early development, this world will be huge. I won't tell you how many dungeons and towns are in the game yet, but I'll admit that there are six races in Hyrule and each one has its own territory.