April 21st 2011

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April 21, 2011




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While in Paris yesterday, Shigeru Miyamoto gave us an exclusive interview. One hour of face to face with the most popular choice for Game Designers, legend of Nintendo, to return to the recent release of 3DS, rumors about the Wii 2 / Project Café, and of course the projects of the firm as its vision of large eddies that reveal all in the video game market, starting with mobile gaming. A meeting in two stages.

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GameBlog: Beyond the traditional issues, I wanted to start this interview differently. At first, I will show you the different elements that are familiar, and I suggest you tell me what it spontaneously evokes you. For starters, you recognize necessarily ...
Miyamoto: Ah, the 3DS! Look, I also brought my own. In opening, I found that you were on the Mii Editor. This is really the heart of the machine. People can meet, and exchange. This gives a new dimension to games. Besides, I'm in France for a few days and I've met a lot of players through StreetPass. It makes me really happy. And even if it's a little marketing, you know, the 3DS is something I dreamed when I was little. It's true. We can take pictures in 3D, we can show them in 3D, you can exchange data ... For me, the 3DS is really a toy. This is the epitome of Nintendo, and I think kids today are very lucky even if they do not render probably account. We must understand that our main job is to sell games. So personally I do not play as much as I want. I am currently very busy producing a new Zelda, a new Mario, and a new Mario Kart 3DS, and a new Pikmin. It has also worked extensively on Nintendogs, but it makes me happy to be here today in Paris.
GameBlog: Now for what I consider as one of the best surprises in the making of 3DS ...
Miyamoto: Ah, the Augmented Reality cards! You know, it's been the technology of interest. But we did not want to run it directly. At the time it was fashionable, and we did not just follow this trend. And then finally with the arrival of the screens in 3D I returned because I thought there was this finally makes sense. Players would be able to see something directly out of their own environment.

According to the map you show, the shares will be necessarily different. For example if you put Mario on your shoulder like me, it will change poses. What was important for us, it was not to make Augmented Reality for Augmented Reality, but to take this opportunity to give life to a new way to have fun. To be honest, we are studying several tracks, and there are several titles in preparation for 3DS Augmented Reality.

And then there are so many possibilities ... Look, I took a picture of my dog ​​in Nintendogs that is looking at a statue of Link. You can have fun creating small interactions. It's different but above all fun.
GameBlog: Place two of your most important works: Mario and Zelda, Pikmin I also had in stock ...
Miyamoto: I'll be honest, it feels weird to see Mario figurine in like that. It's a character I designed for flat represented. What if you could imagine how difficult it was to succeed in the modeling in relief. For example, it was unclear if his eyebrows were going to be below or above his cap. So we were wondering whether to show them. There was much discussion about the position and proportions of each of its members. Inevitably, it always makes me have something like this in your hands.

Another thing that has changed a lot with Mario, and that few people have noticed is that his legs are bigger than before. I always intended to have the legs a little short to be fast and nervous, but that his approach is realistic, we had to lengthen her legs. Anyway I can not say enough what a plumber, because it is through him that I became a game designer! As for that link, I call it "Link with cat eyes." I'll admit it took a lot of courage to move to this more cartoon design. In the end if we took this decision is that the time we really wanted to make a game typically Nintendo. An adventure that is the soul of our society. So Link is a boy rather usual class, we have completely reinvented with a more streamlined look. Moreover it allowed us to create a real distinction between his adventures on home console and portable. Each has a distinct identity of the coup and that's just fine.

So yes, well I know, there are plenty of people who hate cartoon version ... but that's how!

Obviously, Mario last year celebrated its 25th anniversary and this year it was the turn of Link. I hope you will be pleased to know that there will be many products that Zelda will be created for the occasion ... and then to finish with these objects, I promise to do everything to deliver your new Mario this year!
GameBlog: As such, the images revealed by Satoru Iwata at GDC 2011, we discovered a logo of Mario with a tail tanuki ... eerily reminiscent of the Super Mario Bros. 3. I guess it's not a chance ...
Miyamoto: Indeed, Mario might still fly with its tail ... by Tanuki flop, flop, flop ... be patient.
GameBlog: Finally, to conclude with the objects, I have brought a cup of ... Coffee! You'll understand that I am referring to the famous "Project Café" Wii 2 rumors in recent days on the net ...
Miyamoto: Yes, I saw found rumors speak of "Coffee". At the time I want to say that this is normal. You know Nintendo, like all other manufacturers, our job is to design new machines. We believe it takes five years to make the R & D interesting. After, I admit that there is no smoke without fire. We must realize that we spend our time developing in-house gaming consoles. Some of you will ever see. With us, as we do not know exactly where we are going and when do we get out our next console, we do not disclose publicly. But we should not believe everything you read ...
GameBlog: To return to the news of the 3DS, despite a lackluster start to the console, the StreetPass immediately established itself as an essential component. A real success. Can we therefore expect future updates of mini-games such as adventure in dungeons, new boards?
Miyamoto: Many things are possible, and not only from Nintendo. Third-party publishers can also offer programs of this style. Now to be honest, we were particularly surprised by the reception of the players on the StreetPass. This is a much more popular than we imagined. We will necessarily have to take into account for our future developments ...
GameBlog: The handheld gaming market has been disrupted by the arrival of Apple and its games at a great price. Mr. Iwata seemed preoccupied during the last Developers Game Conference. A position that you share?
Miyamoto: It is a reality today: the market is separated into two distinct branches. On one side you find the traditional console games, dedicated to video games. On the other titles on smartphones. I have no problem in confessing that I was myself happened to be addicted to games on mobile phones. I can not remember his name, but there was a game that did not require support on a single button. I'm tired, but at the same time, I thought "this is really good ... for a mobile phone. "
GameBlog: But do not you think that things are accelerating now? That moves beyond mere "little games"?
Miyamoto: It is true that smartphones offer a richer offer. Can download applications, call of course, but also fun. But for me the important thing is to have games suited to their support. Today Nintendo's position is clear. We hope to continue our long tradition of selling boxed games. Let us prove that this style of games has always interest. These are securities that were created specifically for a console, which itself was designed exclusively for the game It is this fundamental difference that we will continue to demonstrate. It is important that people understand the difference. These are not the same styles of experiences.

For the general public, there is also necessarily the price argument ... Yes, but what is important is not that people play a particular game because it is free or cheap. It's natural to want to try when the price barrier is low. But what is crucial for us is that people want to continue to buy games for the pleasure they provide. And for us all the challenge remains to produce things that motivate them to be interested, things that surprise them. Have a paid product quality is a responsibility. It is our commitment.
GameBlog: Unleash the creativity of developers, innovate, as was also part of the message sent by Satoru Iwata ...
Miyamoto: And I can not accede. You know, part of my duties require me managerial responsibilities within Nintendo. Often I get asked the question "how can a game makes money? ". It is always a very complex balance. I find however that in our industry, more and more productions are only there to make up the numbers. The priorities of the business, trade can be seen. At the same time, making the quality of exactly what Nintendo is making games that are fun, and they are fun as their audience will be broad, and so they will be profitable. It is for me the key.
GameBlog: The power remains in the camp of ideas ...
Miyamoto: I do not pretend this is easy. But we must focus on ways to entertain people, so the game live. Otherwise, it's a world where trade will prevail, which will effectively kill creativity. I want to tell the world designers: "courage, dare! "
GameBlog: However, with the 3DS you seem to think laterally away from outdated technologies dear to Gunpei Yokoi, what you do not always succeed ...
Miyamoto: I have a hard time telling you that without 3D glasses will not be seen as something new. And that's good. That being said I do not think we stray from the path set by Gunpei Yokoi. In fact the 3DS is the realization of a desire that we have a very long time. For the record, we did tests of relief from the GameCube. But at the time all this was too expensive, we would not have been able to offer a console less than € 500-600 which is unthinkable to us. It was important for us to come up with good technology, compatible with a large-scale production, all for a machine whose price would be in the range between 150 and 250 €.

After it is certain that there are many new technologies included in the 3DS. 3D, augmented reality, the gyroscope, the StreetPass ... but these are items that you get used very quickly and that will enable us to make more fun of the concepts we had previously treated.
GameBlog: Still, after the DS and its double screen, the Wii and its sensors, the 3DS and 3D ... Nintendo Is now obliged to surprise technologically? No there not a headlong rush pushing the gimmick?
Miyamoto: Inevitably we are forced to use new technology to refine the game experience more accessible too. But the image of augmented reality we experience for the first time, I understand the technique primarily as a set of tools in the service of entertainment. The pleasure of play is our credo.
GameBlog: I especially like the "Iwata Asks". These interviews where you deliver many stories, sometimes very personal. You would have just one to trust?
Miyamoto: Hmm ... Well you know I often travel abroad and I happen to be more inspired by the architecture of places that I discover. In Europe specifically, some buildings are marked by history. I figure it must have taken forever to build. And inevitably I do my job with the approximation. I am a creator of virtual elements. I can only feed me the energy of these pioneers because I admire their work. This helps me to improve.
GameBlog: Mario was born of the technical limitations of the time, Pikmin your love for gardens, Nintendogs your dog ... last year, you said it was time for a new hero. Can you tell us more?
Miyamoto: You know this year we will release new Mario, Zelda and I should also working on Pikmin, in order to bring the traditional heroes of Nintendo 3DS. Believe me it is hard to push. Anyway, I tell myself today at my age, time may have finally sounded to pass out to young people on these teams ... and I find time to work for myself. And who knows ...