Frozen Grotto

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Frozen Grotto





The Frozen Grotto is one of the dungeons found in Cadence of Hyrule. It is located within Lake Hylia.

Entering the Dungeon

The dungeon is located in the center of Lake Hylia, surrounded by water. The Flippers will be needed to cross the water. Inside of a cave within Lake Hylia, located just west of the Frozen Grotto, there is the sleeping Prince, along with six undead Zora. When speaking with the six undead Zora, only one of them will talk back to the player.[1] A bomb can be placed to attack the undead Zora that speaks and after defeating him, the Prince will awake. He will thank you and reward you with the Flippers.[2]

Dungeon Layout

The main chamber of the dungeon is fixed, while all of the other floors are randomly generated.

  • The staircase at the northwest corner, to the left of the locked big door, leads to an underground passage that eventually brings the player to the staircase just right of the big door.
  • The block then can be pushed down to the lower lever and climbed up on to reach a treasure chest. This also leads to a staircase at the southeast corner of the room.
  • This second underground chamber has two sets of floors where the Big Key will be found and the player will appear back at the northeast corner of the room.
  • After picking an item from the larger treasure chest, Link can enter the big locked door to take on the dungeon boss.


Wizzroboe serves as the dungeon boss and once he is defeated, an Oboe is given as a reward.


  1. The prince belongs to use now. Don't worry. We'll keep him safe! Uweee hee hee! - Undead Zora
  2. Woah! Some ghosts had me under their spell? Thanks for saving me! Here, take these flippers as thanks! - Prince