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Burwar is a character in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

Burwar can be found at Lookout Landing. He stands guard alongside Drozer at the Southern Gate. When Link first arrives, Drozer and Burwar are really excited to see him. The last anybody had seen either Link or Zelda, they went down below Hyrule Castle to investigate the gloom.[1] Burwar points Link in the direction of where Purah is and suggests visiting her.[2]

He saw something fall from the Sky recently, which he swears almost looked like Link.[3] He is particularly interested in looking at the Sky and recommends that Link speak with the Zonai Survey Team. He wants to reach out to the expert on sky islands, but at the moment, he's stuck standing at his post at the Southern Gate.[4][5]

After an artifact falls from the Sky into Lookout Landing, Burwar can be found in front of it. He will keep an eye out for more falling debris to keeping Lookout Landing safe.


  1. "Last that anyone saw of either you or Princess Zelda was when you went to investigate the gloom... And then the castle rose into the sky, and everyone's been so worried about what happened to you both! Purah has nearly worn herself out trying to figure out where you two went." — Burwar, Tears of the Kingdom
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  5. "I'm fascinated by those islands floating in the sky. What are they...really? The Zonai Survey Team has an expert on sky islands somewhere in the kingdom. Maybe that person could tell me." — Burwar, Tears of the Kingdom