Curiosity ShopMailbag time, guys! And man, they just keep getting bigger! 8 questions, then 10 questions, now 12! Yes, 12! I wouldn’t count on it always being this much, though. It was kind of a matter of the questions I got this time.

The questions answered and their timestamps:

(00:06) – What is your favorite dungeon and why?
(00:44) – Is there a Zelda game you didn’t even like?
(01:11) – What aspects of TWW did you like the most?
(02:23) – Would you like to see a remake of TWW?
(02:59) – What do the Triforce symbols in Stone Tower in MM mean?
(04:12) – Do you think Ganondorf really died at the end of TP? And do you think every game has the same Ganon?
(05:37) – Is Wi-Fi a good thing for a Zelda game, and should it be in Zelda Wii?
(06:32) – Do you think the Light Spirits will appear in a future Zelda game?
(08:00) – Do you think it’s possible Dark Link will be the main antagonist in a future game?
(09:15) – Do you think masks will appear in Zelda Wii?
(09:53) – What items would you like to see using Wii Motion Plus?
(10:27) – Is it true that Link will be older in Zelda Wii and that it will be related to Four Swords?

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So what about you guys? What’s your favorite dungeon? And was there ever a Zelda game you just didn’t like at all? Tell me in the comments below, along with what you thought of the video!

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