Curiosity ShopHey there guys! Mailbag #016 is here. So this time I worked in some questions about the 3DS remake of Ocarina of Time and even one general Zelda question, but it’s still mostly about Skyward Sword. To be honest most of my doubts about the game (I do have them!) have been dissolving more and more as time wears on, even though there hasn’t been anything particularly new to hear about. Guess I’m just thinking about it more? Or maybe I’m just trying to convince myself. Haha. What about you guys? Do you have any doubts about the game?

The questions and their timestamps are:

(00:11) – Do you have any advice on getting 100% in a Zelda game?
(01:29) – Are the rumors about a 3DS remake of Ocarina of Time true?
(01:54) – What other games do you think ought to get a 3DS remake?
(02:59) – Do you think they’ll tone down the Ocarina of Time remake or up the rating?
(04:04) – Is it true that Skyward Sword is the last console Zelda and the series will only be on handhelds?
(04:42) – Couldn’t Ganon still be in the game since the Master Sword could be made in order to defeat him?
(05:48) – What do you think about the Sword Beam returning in Skyward Sword?
(06:24) – What do you think of the Zordiana character, and what role will she play?
(06:56) – Does all this talk of Skyward Sword being smaller and having a hub scare you?
(08:15) – Why do you think Nintendo is making a prequel Zelda game and why did they make Skyloft?
(09:10) – Since you think the land below Skyloft is Hyrule, do you think we’ll see the Hylian civilization?
(09:50) – Do you think the villain will be similar to Majora or something more human like Ganon or Vaati?
(10:24) – Do you think Skyward Sword will come before or after The Minish Cap on the timeline?

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So! Are you excited about Ocarina of Time on the 3DS? How about Skyward Sword? Any thoughts on any of the questions and points in the video? Tell me in the comments!

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