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Commonwealth Realm & Zeltik: The Timelines of the Villains

Yuga_(Ganon)_Phase_2Villains are the backbone of this wondrous action/adventure series; the terrible things we cannot go without. Without them, yeah, Hyrule would be a rather nice place, but man. It would being BORING for us gamers. Zelda has gone through some doozies when it comes to bad guys, and their stories are often as impressive as they are, so YouTubers Commonwealth Realm and Zeltik have put together a pair of videos looking at the timelines of the major villains in the series, as well as some theories on each of them.

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Does Link Doom Hyrule?

link is evilIn one of the latest GameOver Jesse videos the idea of Link’s action leading to conflict in Hyrule is explored. It is shown that through the actions of Link intervening he unintentionally negatively influences Hyrule. This video follows Links journey throughout Ocarina of Time and shows how the split timelines link back to his actions. It shows how Link being sent back to a child in the Adult Timeline leads to the land becoming defenseless when Ganondorf rises to power, forcing the gods to flood the land. In the Child Timeline his warning of the future events lead to a war and the destruction of the Gerudo race, that being said Link was unaware of the events that took place. In the hero defeated timeline it is shown that Link’s defeat lead to the longest period of peace, demonstrating that both of Link’s other actions unintentionally lead to Hyrule’s downfall.

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Tri Force Heroes’ Placement on the Timeline Revealed (Updated)

ZeldaTimeline3Many have been wondering about Tri Force Heroes‘ placement on the overall series timeline, and today, only a day before the game’s release, the developers have told us! The Nintendo of America twitter page had a post today about what game Tri Force Heroes follows, and though the explanation is a bit slim, it at least makes sense.

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The Expansive History of the Goron Race

gohis Of all the races encountered in the Zelda series, the Gorons are the most enduring. They’ve held generally the same form since the very beginning of the timeline to the very ends of most, though nearly going extinct in two of the three. With their tribal culture and evolutionary adaptability, the Gorons have a long and very interesting history worth exploring. YouTube’s Dr. Wily recently did a Zelda Theory video on just that, “The Goron HISTORY And EVOLUTION.” He follows the ups and downs of Goron civilization as affected by larger events in the timelines to draw evolutionary conclusions about the race.
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Theory: Downfall Timeline

14_Ganon06_LargeYouTuber VortexxyGaming has created a video explaining her theory and thoughts on the Downfall Timeline detailed in Hyrule Historia. The timeline is known at this point for being subject to a lot of dispute, with many fans outright denying it being possible, but VortexxyGaming believes it, and has some ideas on how it happened.

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Gossip Stone: At What Point on the Timeline Should a Future Zelda Game Take Place?

hyrule_historia_preview-81Nintendo has made many very dramatic decisions regarding their more popular series, but few trump the decision to reveal their three-path timeline in Hyrule Historia. Fans from all over started supporting, denying, and theorizing on the newly made-official timeline, and while several series-wide questions were answered, many more arose, one of which being where future Zelda games may fall. With Zelda titles so often appearing earlier and earlier in the series history, and three seperate branches in the later half, who knows where new games may fall?

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Zelda Timeline Part 1: The Creation of the World

45545452The much talked about and debated Zelda Timeline continues to be a major topic among Zelda fans. YouTube member Luka has come to help with a new video series covering the Zelda Timeline. This episode titled The Creation of the World is the first of the series and goes over the story of the three goddesses creating the land of Hyrule. The video includes the text from A Link to the Past and the sequence from Ocarina of Time together.

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ZELDA Timeline According to Quantum Mechanics

nerdist_thumbnail_02_webKyle Hill, host of the scientific YouTube show “Because Science” and member of the Nerdist channel took the time to explain the Zelda timeline split using some real-life scientific theories and concepts. Now, many people here are very likely to know the way the timeline is laid out already, but there are also some details about theoretical physics that you may very well not know of, so while the science may explain the timeline, the timeline, for some, can also explain the science!

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GamesBrained: Zelda Timeline EXPLAINED Part 3 (Finale)

gamesbrained3 So far GamesBrained has taken us through the Zelda timeline from the Goddess’ Creation all the why through the Era of the Hero of Time, and from there branched off to the Downfall Era. For The third and final installment of his series, Gamesbrained takes a look at both the Child and Adult Era Timelines. Like the previous video, these start with the final battle with Ganon, but contrarily these eras follow Link’s being victorious and stopping Ganon’s reign of terror. Hit the jump to watch the finale.

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GamesBrained: Zelda Timeline EXPLAINED Part 2


Last week we brought to you GamesBrained’s first installment in his series Zelda Timeline EXPLAINED: an effort to plainly layout the who, what, where, why and when of the confusing and often debated Zelda timeline. This week let’s take a look at part 2, the Downfall. These events start with the final battle in Ocarina of Time, but the end result is that Link is defeated by Ganon and Ganondorf obtains the Triforce of Courage and Wisdom from Link and Zelda respectively. Hit the jump for more. Read more…

The Problems Created by A Link Between Worlds’ Timeline Placement

SuniDoes anybody here like to be on the lookout for plot holes? Do you sift through facts about your chosen media to find continuity errors? If so then this article from Nintendo World Report is probably perfect for you. Author Justin Berube laid down his thoughts on how A Link Between Worlds fits into the Zelda timeline and analyzed the introductory story and other areas of the game for problems with its placement. He bothered to put a lot of thought into it. Hit the jump to find more information and the full article.

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Zelda Lore in a Minute

41211586The Zelda series consists of many sequels over a twenty year long history and definitely creates very deep and complex history with many twists and turns. The confusion caused by the lengthy history has created much debate between the fans for years before Nintendo finally released the official timeline a year ago. But all of this might still be confusing for a beginner to the series. Fortunately YouTube member Lore is here to help out anyone who might be a little confused with a minute long look into the lore of the series. The video might only be little over 60 seconds long but it does a pretty good job of covering everything from the creation of Hyrule and the Triforce to the founding of the kingdom and the split timelines.

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How Majora’s Mask leads into Twilight Princess

20131212-082938.jpgA couple of years ago, Nintendo came out with their book Hyrule Historia which included Nintendo’s official Zelda timeline. There has always been controversy, but I have been trying to see how each game’s events and characters lead into the next game in the timeline.

While looking through the timeline, I saw that Ocarina of Time led to Majora’s Mask which led to Twilight Princess. I had always thought in my head that Ocarina of Time could have just led straight into Twilight Princess and Majora’s Mask was nothing more than a fabulous sidequest. But as I got to thinking about in-game events and characters in Majora’s Mask, I came to the conclusion that Majora’s Mask is required for the storyline of Twilight Princess. Hit the jump to see why.

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