Does Link Doom Hyrule?

link is evilIn one of the latest GameOver Jesse videos the idea of Link’s action leading to conflict in Hyrule is explored. It is shown that through the actions of Link intervening he unintentionally negatively influences Hyrule. This video follows Links journey throughout Ocarina of Time and shows how the split timelines link back to his actions. It shows how Link being sent back to a child in the Adult Timeline leads to the land becoming defenseless when Ganondorf rises to power, forcing the gods to flood the land. In the Child Timeline his warning of the future events lead to a war and the destruction of the Gerudo race, that being said Link was unaware of the events that took place. In the hero defeated timeline it is shown that Link’s defeat lead to the longest period of peace, demonstrating that both of Link’s other actions unintentionally lead to Hyrule’s downfall.

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This video is interesting and made me remember the theory about a scenario in which Link stays in Kokiri Forrest. It makes lots of sense and shows how his actions were what lead to Ganon gaining more power. With this prior knowledge I feel I was able to better understand this video rather than possibly shrug it off. This video was well done and used the timeline to assist it well, I found it interesting to watch.

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