gohis Of all the races encountered in the Zelda series, the Gorons are the most enduring. They’ve held generally the same form since the very beginning of the timeline to the very ends of most, though nearly going extinct in two of the three. With their tribal culture and evolutionary adaptability, the Gorons have a long and very interesting history worth exploring. YouTube’s Dr. Wily recently did a Zelda Theory video on just that, “The Goron HISTORY And EVOLUTION.” He follows the ups and downs of Goron civilization as affected by larger events in the timelines to draw evolutionary conclusions about the race.
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It’s really interesting to think about a Goron civilization having existed before the events of Skyward Sword, as my mind tends not to think of the time before that. I also never realized a Goron was stuck in that lava chunk in Twilight Princess, for the race to have evolved to breathe underwater just proves its durability. Check out Dr. Wily’s other Zelda Theory videos, or subscribe to the channel for a new gaming theory video every week.

Did you enjoy this Goron History lesson? Learn anything shocking about the Gorons? Any other race from the Zelda series you’d like to see covered in one of Dr. Wily’s Zelda Theory videos? Let us know in the comments!

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