Yuga_(Ganon)_Phase_2Villains are the backbone of this wondrous action/adventure series; the terrible things we cannot go without. Without them, yeah, Hyrule would be a rather nice place, but man. It would being BORING for us gamers. Zelda has gone through some doozies when it comes to bad guys, and their stories are often as impressive as they are, so YouTubers Commonwealth Realm and Zeltik have put together a pair of videos looking at the timelines of the major villains in the series, as well as some theories on each of them.

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I really liked looking back at the histories of some of the lesser-appreciated baddies from the series like Majora and Vaati. I loved these two looking at the theories on Demise and Ghirahim’s correlations with Lucifer. Very fascinating viewpoint that I would like to look into more. Not sure if I agree with the theory about Majora, though. I still think Majora is a being of chaos, not necessarily evil, but moreso bent on causing destruction because that is the outcome of having a complete lack of order in the world. Still, a notable theory.

As for Zeltik’s video, I must say, I never thought about how seriously Twinrova’s botched resurrection effected Ganondorf. Of the various ways Nintendo connected the games on the timeline, this is one of the impressive points. I am a bit hesitant to call The Legend of Zelda‘s Ganon “brainless”, but as a whole, the Defeated timeline is rather well-structured with this condition Ganon is in. I also never thought about how A Link to the Past‘s Ganon was so incredibly powerful. He has an intact mind, and all the power of the gods. All he lacked was enough time to attack Hyrule, without Link showing up. It puts things in perspective. The video actually got me thinking about what may come of future games that are placed at the end of each timeline split. If placed at the end of the Defeated split, a game would likely need a brand new villain, as Ganon is long gone. Either that, or Nintendo would pull what they did in Four Swords Adventures, and just have another newly resurrected Ganondorf.

What do you guys think of the theories presented? Would you like these two to look further into the villains not mentioned in these videos? Drop a comment!

Source: YouTube (1, 2)

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