45545452The much talked about and debated Zelda Timeline continues to be a major topic among Zelda fans. YouTube member Luka has come to help with a new video series covering the Zelda Timeline. This episode titled The Creation of the World is the first of the series and goes over the story of the three goddesses creating the land of Hyrule. The video includes the text from A Link to the Past and the sequence from Ocarina of Time together.

Jump inside to check it out for yourself.

I have seen and read many a timeline theory article in the past, and I have largely decided to give most of them a pass at this point. However I do like what they are doing here, I really like the format they have chosen by including various cutscenes from the series. I’m not totally sure what exactly can be included in the second episode about the era of Hylia without resorting to manga scans but I will be curious to see what they will cook up next.

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