Alexis Anderson

    Senior Editor

    Location: New Jersey
    Favorite Zelda: Twilight Princess
    Date Joined: November 2014

    Our world is one of balance... Just as there is light to drive away darkeness, so, too, is there benevolence to banish evil.

    Hello! My name is Alexis and I’ve been with Zelda Dungeon since 2014. I was once a Managing Editor, but am currently a Senior Editor. I almost exclusively write news articles, but did write editorials back in the day (see my series Piece of Heart). I’m very grateful to be a part of the writing team and the Zelda Dungeon community at-large!

    Some more about me: I grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey along with my fantastic twin brother, Nick. He and I are currently studying at Temple University, where I am pursuing a Political Science & Strategic Communications double-major. My current post graduation dream is to study and eventually practice entertainment law on the West Coast.

    Banner image by artist Jeremy Fenske.

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