Alexis Anderson

    Senior Editor

    Location: New Jersey
    Favorite Zelda: Twilight Princess
    Date Joined: November 2014

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    Hello! My name is Alexis and I’ve been with Zelda Dungeon since 2014. I was once a Managing Editor, but am currently a Senior Editor. I almost exclusively write news articles, but did write editorials back in the day (see my series Piece of Heart). I’m very grateful to be a part of the writing team and the Zelda Dungeon community at-large!

    Some more about me: I grew up in the suburbs of New Jersey along with my fantastic twin brother, Nick. He and I are currently studying at Temple University, where I am pursuing a Political Science & Strategic Communications double-major. My current post graduation dream is to study and eventually practice entertainment law on the West Coast.

    Banner image by artist Jeremy Fenske.

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