Get ready to say, “aww!” The Light Dragon was a highlight of Tears of the Kingdom, and now you can recharge your hearts by resting your weary head on this adorable Light Dragon neck pillow by Etsy creator Tung Lan, owner of the Pshdio shop. The pillow captures the Light Dragon perfectly (while cute-ifying some of its more reptilian features) down to its yellow eyelashes, blue spikes, and poofy golden mane. And the pillow looks soft to the touch as it is made with the same exterior materials as a plush toy. 

If your neck could use the support of Hyrule’s dedicated protector, then you can snag this pillow for $55.51 USD (35% off) through November 25th. At full price, the pillow goes for $85.40. It could also be a great holiday gift for a Zelda fan in your life. 

If you like this pillow, Pshdio also has several Tears of the Kingdom plush toys, figurines, jewelry pieces, costume props, and more that you might be interested in. 

Do you find this pillow overwhelmingly cute? Do you think you’ll purchase something from this Etsy shop? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Pshdio Shop

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