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The Moa is a flying eyeball-like creature in The Adventure of Link. They typically fly either back and forth, or in a swooping fashion. Every time a Moa collides with Link, he loses not only a moderately large amount of health, but also a few experience points.[1] The best way to defeat these flying creatures is to use either the Up or Down Thrust.


There are several varieties of the Moa, with varying strengths:

The Fire Moas are orange Moas that worth 100 experience points for killing; they are found mostly in dungeons and drop fireballs as they pass overhead.

The Purple Moas are invisible, and can only be seen by finding the Cross.[2]


  • The Girubokku enemies from the same game greatly resemble Moas in being giant floating eyeballs. However, they fight rather differently, traveling around the screen for a short distance before opening their single great eye, which is Link's only opening to attack.