Man of Smiles

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Man of Smiles

The Man of Smiles, as he calls himself, can be found in the Traveler's Ship that sails in the North-Eastern corner of the Great Sea in Phantom Hourglass.

The Man of Smiles is the starting point for the Trading Sequence in Phantom Hourglass. When Link enters his ship, which is a room with colorful wallpaper, the door closes behind him, and he is trapped with a bunch of Octoroks, some Yellow ChuChus, a Blue ChuChu and a Zora Warrior. Once they have been defeated, the door will open and the Man of Smiles will enter. If Link tries to leave, the Man of Smiles will speak to him, hoping he is not not hurt, and then ask him whether he wants a normal or a mysterious thing as a reward. Regardless of Link's choice, he will give him both. The "normal thing" is a Prize Postcard, and if Link re-enters the ship and defeats all the enemies again, he will give him another. Link can repeat this an unlimited number of times. The "mysterious thing", however, is the Hero's New Clothes, the first trading sequence item. Completing the sequence rewards Link with the Swordsman's Scroll.