Deku Scrub Brothers

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Deku Scrub Brothers
Deku Scrub Brother.png
A Deku Scrub Brother from Ocarina of Time.




"Please forgive me, master! I'll never do it again! If you spare me, I'll teach you something cool. You will never beat my brothers up ahead unless you punish them in the proper order. The order is... 2 3 1"

— Deku Scrub

The Deku Scrub Brothers are the mini-bosses of the Dungeon in Ocarina of Time, Inside the Deku Tree. They are three Deku Scrubs who guard the door leading to the lair of Queen Gohma, which is at the lowest floor of the dungeon. They also have another sibling, who may be a sister or a fourth brother.

The Deku Scrub Brothers are similar to all other Deku Scrubs in the game; the difference is that this is the only time three are faced at one time. They can only be beaten if they are attacked in a certain order. Earlier in the temple, Link defeats another of their siblings, who gives him a clue to beating them. After Link beats them in the order of second, third, and then first, from left to right, they surrender and regretfully unlock the door to their queen's lair.

Master Quest

In the Master Quest re-releases no clue to their weakness is provided at any point prior to the encounter. The order is also changed from the original game which makes the battle more challenging since Link must guess the order in which he must defeat the brothers.