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This article is about my ZD wiki projects etc., as well as my LoZ games reviews. For my main page, see Demise.


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At my desk




Somewhat more than Noob

Hello! I am Demise, and I am back to conquer Hyrule! But before I can get the Triforce, I though I'd join the ZD Wiki.


Mostly I just click on "wanted pages" or "stub articles" and create/expand some of these. I often edit PH pages, seeing as many of them are stubs or lack info, though I will edit any page to which I can contribute. I am least knowledgeable about 2D games, so I won't edit those often (apart from FS).


I currently own OoT, TP, MM, SS, TWW, LoZ, ALttP, MC, PH and ST, as well as Four Swords anniversary edition. I haven't completed many of those yet, though I am mostly working on TWW, ST, MM and MC right now.

More info

I may expand on this later... If anyone cares. :P I'll go edit the wiki for now.


Links to some more of my pages:

  • My Sandbox - Not for public use
  • My Sig - If you reuse it, make sure to change the username and picture!
  • My Talk - Feel free to come in for a chat! (I'll delete the welcome as soon as someone posts something. I'm small and lonely now...)