Treasure Chart 22

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Treasure Chart 22




Sunken Treasure #22
Spectacle Island (Silver Rupee)

Treasure Chart 22 is one of the 46 Treasure Charts found in The Wind Waker.

Acquiring Treasure Chart

The Treasure Chart is found on the Submarine, located just west of Northern Fairy Island. The Submarine has numerous Moblin found down below. After defeating the Moblin, Link can swing across the ropes to get to the other side of the submarine. The swinging portion is very similar to the trial that Niko gave when on Tetra's Ship. Once Link reaches the other side, the treasure chest will appear containing the Treasure Chart.

Sunken Treasure

The corresponding Sunken Treasure can be found at Spectacle Island and it contains a Silver Rupee, which is worth 100 Rupees.