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I think the story section needs to be summarized a lot more, with very few specific internal details. The section just needs to outline the general plot of the game and highlight its connections to other games. i.e. most of the first paragraph, about Link's dream and Zelda's bird, etc., can be left out and replaced by the bigger-picture storyline of introducing a little bit of the backstory, Link and Zelda going to the land below, searching for Zelda, empowering the Master Sword, etc. Specific details such as Link's dream can be described in the Skyward Sword Story article. << Locke(T·C) >> 22:32, October 28, 2011 (CDT)


A development section has been suggested, and I definitely agree that we need one (a section, not a whole page). You can find many interviews and such in ZD's resources. We should also try to keep Zelda Wii U and Zelda 3DS updated so we don't have to go digging into history like this. I can work on this down the road, though there are many other things holding my attention right now.<< Locke(T·C) >> 21:51, November 26, 2011 (CST)

Category merging issue

Please don't merge the category pages into the main game-page. A page filled with thumbnails is a real pain to get an overview of. Person 12:14, December 14, 2011 (CST)


I need advice on a lot of issues. First, how can I add that text box things with the picture? Then, how can I make those little things with the tabs? I want to be able to edit them, too, but without clearing them. I also want to add the pictures with the captions.Zelda101 16:11, March 8, 2012 (CST)