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Sea Urchin

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===Four Swords Adventures===
Like in ''Link's Awakening'', Sea Urchins are only found along the beaches of [[The Coast]] in the [[Eastern Hyrule]] level. However, Sea Urchins cannot be pushed by the four Links or be destroyed with any of their items. As a result, the Links have to avoid the enemy. When they come across a bunch of [[River Zora]]s in the stage, many Sea Urchins block the Links access to the rest of The Coast, so they must defeat all of the River Zoras in the area in order for the Sea Urchins to disappear. Shortly after, the Links can find more Sea Urchins who disappear once they have defeated the many [[Sand Crab]]s in the area.
Later in the stage, the Links can find two Sea Urchins blocking their path. Unlike last time, they need to defeat all of the purple [[Octorok]]s in the area to reveal four switches. Once the Links step onto the switches, the Sea Urchins disappear. When they see [[Shadow Link]] for the last time in The Coast, Sea Urchins make their final appearance by blocking the way the Links came from, so they must proceed through the rest of the stage.

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