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Moblin's Letter

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|name = Moblin's Letter|image = [[File:Moblinsletter.png]]
|game = ''[[The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker|The Wind Waker]]''
|location = [[Windfall Island]]
| use = |cost = | related = [[Maggie's Letter]]<br>[[Father's Letter]]
'''Moblin's Letter''' is an item in ''[[The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker|The Wind Waker]]''. It is a message from [[Moe]], the [[Moblin]] that [[Maggie]] falls in love with.{{Ref|WW|175|In-Game Description}} After mailing [[Maggie's Letter]] in a [[Postbox]], [[Link]] can return to [[House of Wealth|Maggie's house]] to find [[Maggie's Father|her father]] arguing with the [[Rito]] postman, [[Ilari]]. Ilari is attempting to deliver the Moblin's Letter, but Maggie's father refuses to accept it, saying that postmen are not allowed in his house.{{Ref|WW|2311|Ilari}}{{Ref|WW|2312|Maggie's Father}} Ilari is annoyed because he went through a lot of trouble to reach Moe in the [[Forsaken Fortress]]and return with the letter, but Maggie's father will not listen.{{Ref|WW|2313|Ilari}}{{Ref|WW|2314|Maggie's Father}} Eventually, Ilari becomes so angry that he leaves to calm down.{{Ref|WW|2319|Ilari}}
If Link goes to visit Ilari at the [[Cafe Bar]], he apologizes for his previous behavior and explains that he just wanted to complete his job.{{Ref|WW|2322|Ilari}}{{Ref|WW|2323|Ilari}} Although he knows that he will be considered a failure if he does not deliver the Moblin's letter, he tells Link that he cannot stay due to his other deliveries.{{Ref|WW|2324|Ilari}}{{Ref|WW|2325|Ilari}} Finally, he asks Link to give the letter to Maggie for him.{{Ref|WW|2326|Ilari}}{{Ref|WW|2327|Ilari}} If Link accepts, he Ilari gives him the letter and thanks him, trusting Link to give deliver the letter to Maggie.{{Ref|WW|2328|Ilari}}{{Ref|WW|2329|Ilari}}
Upon returning to Maggie, she claims that she saw the letter in her dreams and demands to read it that very instant.{{Ref|WW|2300|Maggie}} The letter reads thisas follows:
{{Quote|This is Moe. I... like... you... Mag... gie... so... much... that... I... want... to... eat you... for dinner.|Moblin's Letter}}
Maggie misunderstands, and she believes that Moe is proposing to her.{{Ref|WW|2305|Maggie}} She declares that day as the anniversary of her true love, and she gives Link a [[Piece of Heart]] to commemorate the occasion.{{Ref|WW|2306|Maggie}}{{Ref|WW|2307|Maggie}} == Gallery ==<gallery>File:Moblinsletterget.jpg|''[[Link]] obtaining the Moblin's Letter.''</gallery>
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