South Taafei Hill

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South Taafei Hill is a location in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

The hill is located just west of the Gerudo Canyon Stable and just north of the Gerudo Desert Gateway. It is a large plateau with a Stone Talus (Luminous) found at its peak. There is also an Electric Lizalfos at the peak, just near the Talus.

The steep cliffs on the sides of the hill have several Rushrooms and Swift Violets growing on them.



Nearby Korok Seeds

This is a rock circle made up of pieces of 3 rocks each, except for a large rock out of place. Put it in place.

This one's a little tricker; one of the rocks that looks like its part of the circle is actually filling the wrong gap. Move it to so each part of the circle is a series of 3 rocks.