Sheik First 4 Figures Statue

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Sheik First 4 Figures Statue




Release Date

Q3 2007




Siamak Roshani
James West





9 inches tall


2,500 Worldwide


  • For those that purchased the Ocarina of Time Link First 4 Figures Statue, they could reserve the same individually marked number for their Sheik statue.
  • Low numbers were given out to those that ordered theirs first. They were given on a first-come, first-served basis for those that didn't pre-order the Ocarina of Time Link statue.
  • As of November 2012, complete statues that are in mint condition with their boxes frequently solve for over $200-$300, over 2 times their original value.
  • This was the fourth Zelda statue released by First 4 Figures. Although in the initial Press Release, it was inaccurately labeled as the third collectible statue in the series. Later in the same press release, it was listed as the fourth in the series.

Press Description

Legend of Zelda Sheik Collectible Statue From First 4 Figures

Who is Sheik, the mysterious character who plays such an important role in Link's quest in the Ocarina of Time? Part of the Sheikah race that populates Hyrule, Sheik comes with the distinctive Sheikah symbol of the eye and tear drop.

With Sheik's face concealed and voice muffled throughout Link's short encounters with Sheik, very little is revealed about the true origins and nature of Sheik...

First 4 Figures is proud to present Sheik, the third collectible statue in First 4 Figures' Legend of Zelda collectible statue series. With a replica harp, the pose captures the mystery surrounding Sheik and her role in Link's song teacher.

Accurately keeping scale with current and future statues in the series, Sheik stands at approximately 9 inches, including the base.

Cast in high quality poly-stone, the statue is hand finished and hand painted. Comes packed in a foam interior full colored box with a card of authenticity. Highly limited at only 2,500 pieces available worldwide.

Artist: Siamak Roshani

Base Concept Artist: James West

As this is the fourth in the series, those who have ordered Fierce Deity Link, Skull Kid or Ocarina of Time Link from the F4F store will be entitled to reserve the same edition number for Sheik. Such orders will be automatically be allocated.[1]



Mas' Zelda Collection 038 – Sheik First 4 Figures Statue