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Recipe Book
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Records food items currently or previously held by Link



"Recipe Book: In the recipe book, accessible from your inventory, you can view the ingredient lists used for any known dishes."

Tears of the Kingdom Loading Screen Tip

The Recipe Book is a catalogue of food currently or previously held by Link in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

The recipe book stores a record of all the food items Link has obtained at any point in the game. When Link first obtains a food item - either by cooking food materials in a Cooking Pot, roasting them on a campfire, dropping certain food materials in freezing water, by cooking insects, lizards or frogs with monster parts to make an elixir, or by receiving it in an interaction with another character - the resulting item blurb shows a "NEW" banner in the top-left to show that it has been added to the recipe book. There are 228 numbered items which can be recorded - 146 cooking pot meals, 82 roasted (and boiled) food items, 16 frozen meat & fish items and 14 elixirs.

The recipe book is divided into two parts:

The first can be found by selecting "Check Recipe" on any meal from the Food tab of the pause menu, and lists the basic version of all the previously-obtained food items, along with the ingredients, healing and effects of the last five examples of that item obtained. This is purely for information, and cannot be directly acted upon.

The second can be found by selecting "Check for Recipe" on any material which has been used in a food item. (If the material can be used for a food item but has not been, the option appears faded and unselectable. If it cannot be used at all, the option does not appear). This shows not only the overarching food item (e.g., Simmered Fruit), but all individual versions of the food items (e.g., an apple may show both Hasty Simmered Fruit and Mighty Simmered Fruit separately). In addition, if all the materials are in Link's current inventory, they can be held with one button press, ready to drop into a cooking pot.